Tweezerman Professional Stainless Nail Clipper

Tweezerman Professional Stainless Nail Clipper

Tweezerman Professional Stainless Nail Clipper

Presentable nails are an important part of keeping yourself well-groomed. Sometimes it's not possible to pick up a good pair of nail clippers at the store. Most cheap clippers use weak or poor metal and are uneven and dull easily. They could also break easily from regular use. So an investment in a good pair of nail clippers is essential.

Tweezerman offers a Professional Stainless Nail Clipper that can be used at home or at the salon. If you are a manicurist you'll want to pick up several of these long lasting clippers. If you are a client, don't hesitate to bring in your own set of clippers for the manicurist to use.

These clippers have sharp, curved cutting edges. The handle is shaped for a secure grip and they are small enough to fit conveniently into your travel case. Use in conjunction with the Tweezerman Professional Cuticle Nipper and Professional Pointed-Slant Tweezer. Check out our other Tweezerman items here.

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Price: $7.95
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Manufactured by Tweezerman

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