Tweezerman Professional Power Foot Rasp

Tweezerman Professional Power Foot Rasp

Tweezerman Professional Power Foot Rasp

Feet aren't always soft and pretty looking. They can be rough, callused and dry. There can even be thickened nails and other unpleasant pedicurial problems. The problem is that we love to bare our feet in cute little shoes and during long days at the beach, so it's necessary to take good care of those feet.

The Tweezerman Professional Power Foot Rasp is one tool that is great for keeping the feet looking smooth and great. The rasp is ergonomically designed for easy removal and smoothing away of calluses and hard rough areas of the skin. The Power Foot Rasp features a built-in thumb rasp so its comfortable when in use and the design allows you to use it with the least amount of effort, yielding the most amount of power.

Tweezerman's Power Foot Rasp is a perfect gift to give the friends and family or an excellent tool to add to your nail technician's kit. Check out our other Tweezerman items here.

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Price: $6.60
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Manufactured by Tweezerman

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