PharmaGel - Derma Fade 2 oz.

PharmaGel - Derma Fade 2 oz.

PharmaGel - Derma Fade 2 oz.

Use PharmaGel Derma Fade Creme to get rid of unwanted discolorations of the skin and to remove unwanted hyper pigmentation. It's a strong fading and lightening creme that can help return your skin to a normal even appearance whatever the discoloration problem.

The Derma Fade Creme is applied both day and night. You can apply it to age spots, skin discoloration, and it can also be used as a full facial moisturizer and sunscreen before sun exposure.

There are three active ingredients which make Derma Fade so effective, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which is a form of Vitamin C, Licorice extract and Kojic Dipalmitate. The Vitamin C is involved in cellular renewal and the production of collagen. It's also an antioxidant that neutralizes skin harming free radicals. Licorice Extract works to prevent the creation of Melanin, which is a skin pigment that can build up and leave unsightly splotches. Kojic Dipalmate is used to fade the dark areas of the skin. Check out our other PharmaGel items here.

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