OPI Nail Polish - It's a Doozi, Says Suzi

OPI Nail Polish - It's a Doozi, Says Suzi

OPI Nail Polish - It's a Doozi, Says Suzi: Suzi never says anything, if she is not sure about it, and once again she knows what she is saying. She knows for sure that is burgundy is a winner out and out. If you have been busy thinking what is right and what is the correct choice for you, you can trust Suzi. With closed eyes you can go for this shade of burgundy. one should always eat what pleases them and one should always wear what pleases others. It is no more a secret what pleases others. Here's Suzi letting the whole world know that this is a doozi. You don't have to keep guessing any more. You have this bottle that is endorsed by none other than Suzi. This gives you confidence and makes you look the beautiful burgundy damsel. Now step out in style, take this bottle, put on the beautiful burgundy and all eyes will follow you wherever you go. Thanks to Suzi, your life is now easier and also more beautiful. You do not have to spend hours wondering what to do which color to choose. Your job has been made easier by Suzi darling. Just thank her and put on this special burgundy. Check out our other OPI Nail Polish items here.

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Price: $8.50
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Manufactured by OPI

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