OPI Nail Polish - I'd Like to Thank

OPI Nail Polish - I'd Like to Thank

OPI - I'd Like to Thank...

I'd Like to Thank Whenever you have a major event it's a good idea to have a great acceptance speech on hand. A good acceptance speech can be hard to think up though, so you'll need some inspiration. That inspiration can definitely come from great nail polish. Why don't you start with 'I'd like to Thank…' and go from there. Giving your thanks is always a great way to give your speeches.

This almost mauve pink is a delicious color for those pretty nails and when you are getting ready to head out for that awards ceremony or big event make sure that your nails are looking inspirational. When you do win your award and get up on the stage you can just glance at your nails for a little inspiration. 'I'd like to thank…' those four little words are all you need to get started. From there you can just name names off the top of your head, wipe away a tear or two and smile for the cameras. Check out our other OPI Nail Polish items here.

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