OPI Nail Polish - Espresso Your Style!

OPI Nail Polish - Espresso Your Style! RARE and DISCONTINUED!!!!!!!

OPI Nail Polish - Espresso Your Style!

Espresso Your Style! Strong, dark and creamy. These are the words many use to describe Espresso. It is a thick and strongly flavored color. Add to that the fact that the coffee bean used to make an espresso is called 'Robusta' and you have all the ingredients for a fun and impish color to flaunt around. Define your nails with a mischievous yet graceful elegance while at the same time revealing a cool and hip side. Perfect for those days when you want to reveal that 'woman of the world' image and at the same time retain the childish innocence that comes with a soft shade of brown. Full-bodied in texture and sheen. This color sets you apart and makes a statement by saying that "I may be here to play but I'm very serious about it'. Feel the sensual experience of a color that is named aptly because it is bold and vivacious just like you and yet retains a juvenile appeal. Sense the excitement of a color whose origin in Latin means 'just for you'. Let that soft and supple part of your reflection come to the fore and reinvent your self with this rich and energetic color. Check out our other OPI Nail Polish items here.[repeated in 2006 Holiday Collection]

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