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OPI Ink: OPI has offered to you a new range of color collection as OPI Night Brights. These colors sing to you the lullabies of shimmering sensual nocturnal passion and serenity. The colors are chosen from different shades of nighttime beauty and its wild shades. OPI Ink is the fourth shade to astound you with its glamorous effect. The color is made for the fashion divas of every town. Its ultimate effect is simply gorgeous. The color is, of course, of ink. It is the purest shade of ink with dark blue pool. The elegance and sophistication is unrivalled. The shade is very rare, and also it is to make you precious. The color speaks of your fashion sense and uptown origin. It is the time when the daylight goes out and night lights shines up. It is a reflection of the blinding city lights of long, long car ride ways. This is a color, which can make you the center of attention for its rare shade and shine. It makes others to dive into the dark blue pool of your mystifying aroma and your eternal beauty. The metallic effect brought out by this shade makes you the fashion code of generation X. It is electrifying and magnetic. Check out our other OPI Nail Polish items here.

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Price: $8.50
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