OPI I Only Drink Champagne Nail Lacquer

OPI I Only Drink Champagne

OPI I Only Drink Champagne - OPI has offered to you a new range of color collection as OPI Night Brights. These colors sing to you the lullabies of shimmering sensual nocturnal passion and serenity. The colors are chosen from different shades of nighttime beauty and its wild shades. The first indulgence into the Night Brights is OPI I Only Drink Champagne. The color is simply intoxicating. It is full of elegance and fashion. It is a perfect color for uptown girls with their highly sophisticated fashion sense. The color is a soft gleam from the eyes full of nectar. It speaks of the over indulgent sensation. It is a shade of dark beige. It gives such a natural look, and yet elevates your spirit with elegance and sophistication. The color is unique with its bold authoritarian appeal, and yet a soft friendly atmosphere. The color suits for a kitty party at dusk, or an evening at your chat-in-the-club. This color soothes all indifference and excites affinity. If you take your champagne mixed with milky chocolate, it is the color you will get. It has a soft gleam of champagne, light placidity of milk, and dark attraction of chocolate. It is a product of rare combination to make you rare and beautiful. Check out our other OPI Nail Polish items here.

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Manufactured by OPI

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