GIGI Wax Off

GIGI Wax Off 16oz

GIGI Wax Off 16oz

GIGI Wax Off, There's more to a great visit to the salon than the body wax. You'll need to prepare the skin before a body waxing session and treat the skin afterwards, sometimes long after a body waxing session to make sure that unwanted hair doesn't grow back before that next salon appointment.

That's why GIGI has created a line of products devoted to caring for the skin before, during and after a body waxing session, to help the average person or professional Salon Technician with complete body waxes.

After that complete body waxing, make sure you remove all of that sticky wax with the GIGI Wax Off. This lotion is a great way to finish off your body waxing session. It's thick and creamy, filled with special hydrating ingredients including Aloe Vera, which also soothes the skin. The GIGI Wax Off will also remove al traces of wax, to leave the skin soft and velvety. Check out our other GIGI Waxing items here.

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