Clean+Easy Epilating Remover Cloth Strips Cloth Roll 50 yds.

Clean+Easy Epilating Remover Cloth Strips Cloth Roll 50 yds.

Clean+Easy Epilating Remover Cloth Strips Cloth Roll 50 yds., Many Salon Professionals and their clients alike will find that they quickly run out of epilating cloth strips in their body waxing treatments. In addition those at-home waxers will often come to their salon care technicians for advice on the best products. At this point it's best to refer them to your own stock of Clean + Easy body waxing products.

Some clients may already have the Clean + Easy Personal Waxer and will need some Clean + Easy Epilating Remover Cloth Strips. Even those at-home waxers without the Personal Waxer will find it economical to use pre-cut cloth strips their own body waxing treatments.

You'll have already learned about the convenience and usability of these pre-cut cloth strips and pass that convenience on in retailing Clean + Easy products to your clients. These strips are a strong blend of fabric and paper, designed for strength in removing wax and absorbency in binding to warm wax. Plus, their pliability makes it a cinch for you to mould the epilating strips to the contours of the body. Now it's quite convenient that these strips are placed on a roll for better storage. The Clean + Easy Roll comes with about 50 yards of epilating cloth. Check out our other Body Waxing items here.

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