Amber Professional Pre-Cut Gauze Masks 50-ct.

Amber Professional Pre-Cut Gauze Masks 50-ct.

Amber Professional Pre-Cut Gauze Masks 50-ct.

Nothing says professional like Amber Professional products in your salon. Whether you are a small home business or a large company in the midst of the city, your client's will appreciate it when you use quality. Amber Professional has plenty of that and more with their Paraffin Waxes.

Paraffin Wax treatments are getting extremely popular for people who just want super soft, moisturized and youthful looking skin. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the treatments are very warming and very relaxing too!

Take advantage of the quality waxes offered by Amber Professional and see for yourself what Lavender Paraffin can do for your skin. The soothing oils of Lavender will calm the skin, thereby reducing redness and irritation. While aromatherapeutic scents calm and ease the mind. This paraffin wax will be a favourite amongst your clients.

While you are at it, you have to look into a Paraffinette to heat your wax. This small appliance is designed for even the smallest of spa rooms and is even great for salon technicians on the go. You'll find that Amber Professional appliances follow the standard of quality as well as their wax products.

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